19 April 2022

Today’s desperate attack on Labor’s Powering Australia plan is just the latest in more than a decade of climate scare campaigns from the Liberals.
After a decade in government, and with no plan of its own to cut power prices or create new energy jobs, all the Morrison Government can offer is another lie. 

Today’s so-called “Government modelling” just shows that the Morrison Government does not believe renewables are the cheapest form of energy, or that the world’s climate emergency is Australia’s jobs opportunity. 

It also shows that the Morrison Government’s last-minute conversion to net zero is a fraud. 

Do Dave Sharma, Tim Wilson, Jason Falinski, Trent Zimmerman and Katie Allen endorse this attack on the economics of renewable energy?

And if the Morrison Government is so proud of its so-called “modelling”, it should release it publicly for scrutiny, not selectively quote from it and keep it locked away. 

Where is the modelling? Who conducted it? What are its assumptions? 
Labor’s climate and energy policies, including our plan to rewire Australia’s ageing electricity grid, have been modelled – not by Labor, but by the country’s top energy economists, RepuTex.
This is the same firm that the Government has previously used – including to model the electricity market. 
RepuTex finds that Rewiring the Nation will cut power prices by delivering the experts’ blueprint for the grid more cheaply, and by bringing low-cost renewables into the grid more quickly. 
That’s why Labor’s policies have been backed by the Business Council of Australia, the Australian Industry Group, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the National Farmers’ Federation. 

Importantly, Rewiring the Nation will be delivered by independent experts, and only projects that stack up will receive support.
In contrast, while Scott Morrison claims to support the grid blueprint developed by his own experts, he has no plan to deliver it – just a plan to hand-pick pet projects like he picks sports rorts and car parks.
Labor stands by its policies, and by RepuTex’s modelling of them. 
After a decade of denial and delay, Australia deserves a better future – one with cheaper power, more jobs, and less emissions.