11 November 2021

The contempt with which Scott Morrison holds the truth, and by extension the Australian people he is supposed to represent, is becoming increasingly clear.
He has always been a slippery character but recent days and weeks have seen him stoop to new lows.
Elected representatives on the Coalition side, who regard themselves as people of conviction, should seriously consider the path they are going down under his leadership.
This morning, he ratcheted up his lies on Labor policies that have never existed – claiming Labor’s 2019 electric vehicle policy was to drive up petrol prices.
It is more of Scott’s rot.  
A lie so ridiculous that he did not even say it amongst the quagmire of dishonesty that was his 2019 election campaign.
This is not a mistake, it is a calculated campaign designed to drive fear into Australian families and businesses who are doing it tough after Australia’s first recession in decades.
His misinformation campaign fails to mention that under his Government, petrol has been at nearly $2 a litre for almost a month.  
For hard-working Australian families, this can mean $90 a tank.
That’s why a Labor Government would cut taxes off electric vehicles to give people choice, get more affordable models into the country, so it’s not just the wealthy able to afford electric vehicles.
Morrison’s climate conversion took only a week to unravel. Instead of deploying technology to ensure everyone can reap the benefits, he’s back to dishonest scare campaigns that further lock Aussies out of bill savings.
This ‘Don’t Do’ Prime Minister abandoned Australians by failing to prepare and respond to the Black Summer bushfires.
And as over 80 per cent of global GDP decarbonises, this ‘Don’t Do’ Prime Minister is abandoning an Australia that should be seizing this opportunity in our national interest, not becoming a victim of the economic change because of this do-nothing Government.
Stagnant wages, increased cost of living, housing crisis, unchecked climate change – that is the cost of Morrison’s ‘Don’t Do’ Government.
Australians deserve better than this dishonest, self-interested, economy-wrecking Prime Minister.