Here we go again, the Liberal Party has so run out of policy ideas that it’s using and abusing parliamentary fora to examine opposition policy NOT government policy.

The new Treasurer has taken the unprecedented step of making a ministerial reference to a parliamentary committee solely focusing on opposition policy.
You’d think the Government would have more work to do on tax policy given the Liberal Party’s one point economic plan lies in tatters, for now.
Josh Frydenberg says he’s keen to boost wages growth while hanging onto the Liberal Party’s cut to penalty rates. Isn’t it time he tried to do something about low wages growth?
The Labor members of the Committee suggest it examine low wages growth. The Treasurer hasn’t even bothered to respond to that idea, instead asking the Committee to spend its resources examining an opposition policy.
There’s genuine widespread concern within the Australian community around persistently low wages growth and what it means for the economy and for families grappling with rising cost of living pressures.
Why wouldn’t the Treasurer – instead of attempting to politicise parliamentary committees and the Treasury - ask the House Economics Committee to instead look at the chronically low wages growth we’re experiencing and potential policy responses to it?
It wasn’t long ago that the now Prime Minister Scott Morrison appointed his Chief-of-Staff as Secretary of the Treasury.
No doubt the new Treasurer intends Treasury to make a public submission on Labor’s policy to reform dividend imputation – Mr Gaetjens was in charge of co-ordinating the Government attack on Labor’s policy, now he is charge of signing off on a supposedly impartial submission on Labor’s policy.

Well the Treasurer should also request Treasury provides the advice it’s provided on this subject matter to the current Government over recent years, information it has so far refused to release despite parliamentary questions on notice and Freedom of Information requests.
There’s no greater example of a Prime Minister and Treasurer out of puff than COAG being cancelled and the Government having parliamentary committees attacking opposition policies.